Brest City Tour. Brest Fortress


Brest is one of the oldest cities in Belarus. Very soon, in 2019, we will meet a significant event - a celebration of the 1000th anniversary of the city! Brest citizens are thoroughly preparing for this celebration, decorating and repairing streets and avenues. Brest attracts tourists from all over the world as a magnet. A rich history and modernity are perfectly intertwined today in this wonderful regional center.

During the tour you will visit one of the most comfortable and beautiful pedestrian streets of Belarus - Sovetskaya Street, where are concentrated many cafes, restaurants and shops, as well as numerous monuments and sculptures. The monument of the millennium of Brest amazes with its greatness and beauty. It reflects all the most significant stages of the city's long history.

Imagine that on the Soviet street for many years there is a tradition - every evening guests and residents may meet an incredible lamplighter wearing a uniform of the Peter the Great times and lighting ancient kerosene lamps along the street. There are 17 kerosene lamps there. And very near from here, on Gogol Street, there is an open-air museum: more than 40 forged lamp sculptures inspired by works by the famous writer Gogol.

Also you will see the Brest Railway Station, the most beautiful railway station in Belarus. It was built by appointment of the Russian Emperor Alexander III as a real palace. Despite the fact that since that time the station has been rebuilt several times, it has preserved its majestic appearance. And the building is crowned with exactly the same star as the Moscow State University building in Moscow. In addition, the Brest Railway Station today is a real "museum of marble", because it was tiled with marble from the most famous marble deposits of the Soviet Union.

During the tour you will visit the church of St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker, and find out why even the sailors of the Pacific Fleet sacrificed money for its construction, and why Emperor Nicholas II transferred to this church the list of dead sailors for eternal commemoration.

Also you will see the main Catholic church of the city - the Church of the Triumph of the Holy Cross, as well as the main Orthodox cathedral - the Cathedral of Simeon Stylites of Antioch. We will visit the main squares and streets of Brest and learn about its outstanding inhabitants, as well as the place where in 1939 a joint parade of German and Soviet troops was held.

In addition, if you wish, you may visit the Railway Museum, and a rich exposition of the Museum "Saved Artistic Values". The archaeological museum "Berestye" deserves your special attention, as you may see very rare antique museum pieces, and familiarize with the historical past of the region.

Brest with its secrets and stories awaits you!

The memorial complex "Brest Hero Fortress" is one of the visit cards of Belarus. The great feat of the Belarusian people is embodied in a single architectural and artistic ensemble of the memorial. Your breath will be taken away already from the main entrance, made in a form of a five-pointed star: the music of the years of war and the voice of Levitan - everything will immerse you in the days of heavy fighting. The sculpture composition "the Thirst", the main monument "the Courage", the Square of Ceremonials, the obelisk-bayonet of 104.5 m height, the ruins of the old fortress, the St. Nicholas Garrison Temple and the Defense Museum will not leave indifferent anyone, and will keep in your heart the memory of this unique place of a Great Feat.


about 13 hours (the length of the route is 720 km)


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Visit to Mir Castle (optional)
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