Mir Castle and Nesvizh Palace Tour


The magnificent castles of Belarus - Mir and Nesvizh - are the most significant sights of the country, appreciated and recognized all over the world. It’s proved by their honorable placement into the UNESCO World Heritage List. Located 100 kilometers from the capital, they will tell you their incredible stories, riddles and secrets. Built in the 16th century, they still live their lives and are ready to be explored by their guests. How did the elevator look like in the 17th century? Why did prisoners come out blind from the local prison? What was the weight of the armor of a 6-year-old knight? Why did they add gold to sweet dishes? Our experienced guides will tell you about this, as well as about many other things.

The five-tower castle built in Belarusian Gothic style rises above the quiet and cozy village of Mir. At the very first glance you realize that the Mir Castle is unlike any other. Here you can walk around the charming park, look into the family chapel-tomb, go down to the unique medieval prison in Belarus, wander through the castle towers and battle galleries, and also enjoy a rich internal museum exposition consisting of 35 rooms.

In addition to the castle, there is an opportunity to visit the center of Mir village - a picturesque market square. Here you will see old buildings of the square, the Holy Trinity Church of the 16th century, the Church of Sts. Nicholas of the 16th century, and buildings of the former synagogue court: synagogue, yeshiva, and heder.

Nesvizh Palace and park with amazing alleys and lakes is the most beautiful castle and park ensemble of Belarus. Constructed by the powerful Radzivil family in the 16th century, the castle became the pearl of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and remains it till nowadays. This palace has passed through wars, fires, and robberies, but still keeping its secrets. During the tour you will learn about the most romantic ghost of Europe, about how dukes drove in a sledge during the summer, why the pickled hedgehog became a favorite dish of the royal cuisine, as well as many other amazing facts.

The second temple in the world built in the Baroque style is the Nesvizh Catholic Church of God's Body, which is one of the most beautiful temples of Belarus. The church is perfectly preserved and invites you to admire the unique frescoes of the middle of the 18th century and the biggest icon of the country. In addition, the old Radzivil family burial vault is located in the church. This is a third family burial vault of Europe together with French and Austrian!

In the city of Nesvizh there is an opportunity to see the town hall, which is the oldest remaining intact in Belarus. You will also see the unique entrance gate of the 16th century - Slutsk Brama, as well as the artisan’s house of the early 18th century.

We invite you to join this fascinating tour!


about 9 hours (the length of the route is 250 km)


Private professional guide
Excursion service inside the castles
Transport services


Entrance tickets to castles ($15 adults; $7.5 pupils and students; children under 7 years free of charge)


At your hotel or any other location in Minsk


At your hotel or any other location in Minsk

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