Minsk City Tour


You will get an unforgettable immersion in the history of the city. Minsk was first mentioned in chronicles of the 11th century, and 950 years later, it’s still keeping its secrets and mysteries. Our experienced guides will tell you interesting facts and stories about Minsk and Belarus, will reveal the connection of times, and will move you to the era of the Minsk "Babylon". Minsk City Tour includes:

  • A visit the Freedom Square - the historical center and the heart of the city. Here you can see the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Town Hall, the Gostiny Dvor, a complex of former Uniat monasteries, beautiful sculptural compositions. In the cathedral of the Holy Spirit you will have the opportunity to see the most valuable Orthodox shrine of Belarus - the oldest icon of the Minsk Mother of God.

  • On Independence Square you will visit one of the most beautiful churches of Belarus - the Church of Saints Simeon and Helena, you will see the Government House with Lenin's sculpture at the main entrance, former tenement houses, the Minsk City Hall, a fountain with three storks, and two universities.

  • The main and the most beautiful street of the city Independence Avenue, will amaze you by its many sights. Planned 215 years ago as a bypass road along the city, today it starts from the very center. Independence Avenue is an excellent example of a single architectural ensemble built in the Stalin Era style. Each building here fascinates Minsk citizens and guests alike. You will see the buildings of the KGB, the Central Post Office located in Nezavisimosty Avenue which remains one of the first achievements of post-war architects that rose above the ruins of the destroyed post-war city. Also included on Independence Avenue are the Minsk Hotel and the Minsk City Executive Committee buildings that appeared later and were constructed with the understanding that their height could not be taller than that of the Central Post Office, the the National Bank, and the famous GUM Department Store.

  • In October Square you will see two palaces - the Palace of the Republic and the Palace of Culture of Trade Unions, as well as the magnificent Alexander Square and the House of Officers.

  • The Trinity Suburb will take us to the beginning of the 19th century. Today, it is a kind of open-air museum – colorful small houses and cozy courtyards. Trinity suburb is one of the recommended visit for the city of Minsk. Very close to the suburbs is the Island of Courage and Sorrow - a monument to the Belarusian soldiers who perished in Afghanistan at the end of the last century.

By choosing a combined pedestrian and car tour, you will have the opportunity to see the Winners Avenue - the second most important avenue of the capital. Here is located the Independence Palace - the working residence of the President of the Republic of Belarus, well known as the place where peace agreements were signed to settle the conflict on the territory of the Ukraine. In addition, you will have the opportunity to see the magnificent Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War, the largest park of the capital - Victory Park, numerous sports facilities, including Minsk Arena, Belarusian Rublyovka, and the residence of the President of the Republic of Belarus. You will drive along the Independence Avenue and will see Victory Square with the majestic monument, Yakub Kolas Square, Children's Railway, Botanical Garden, Academy of Sciences, National Library, and the biggest temple of the country - the Church of All Saints.

What prevented Einstein from moving to Minsk? How much did people need to pay to get into the city? How did the German trophy become the "highlight" of the capital? What was and how was it? Where, when and why? You will find answers to these and many other questions during our trips. The adventure begins!


3 hours (180 minutes)


Private professional guide
Interesting stories about the city that 99% of locals do not know
Transport services (driving and walking tour)


Freedom square (walking tour)
At your hotel or any other location in Minsk (driving and walking tour)


Independence square (walking tour)
At your hotel or any other location in Minsk (driving and walking tour)

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