Dudutki Tour - Museum of Ancient Crafts


Dudutki is a picturesque museum located in 40 kilometers from Minsk. The guests of the complex will familiarize with the way of life of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, visit craft workshops (bakery, pottery, woodworking, straw and willow weaving, distillery, blacksmith shop, cheese factory, etc.), learn the culinary secrets of the best recipes of our ancestors, and will also see the unique working windmill of Belarus and the wooden orthodox church. On the territory of the Dudutki’s estate there is a zoo with different animals and a stable with horses, which you may not only see, but also ride! And of course the pearl of the museum is the officially working distiller.

First visitors of the museum complex of ancient folk crafts and technologies "Dudutki" came in 1994, and it still rejoice residents and guests of Belarus for more than 23 years. At the entrance to the museum visitors will be met by a windmill - one of the few preserved in Belarus. In 1992, it was brought from Gomel region and restored. The windmill is in a working condition, but today is not used for its purpose. Next to the mill there is a miller's house for guests, which was intended for rest and overnight stay of peasants who brought grain to the mill. In the house you can familiarize with the interior of a simple peasant hut of the past centuries.

Not far from the main entrance to the museum there is a beautiful wooden orthodox church of the St. John the Precursor. The name of the church was chosen because of the main shrine with the icon containing relics of St. John the Precursor donated by Montenegrin monks.

In the cheese factory you will learn the secrets of Belarusian cheese, and may even taste them. In the bakery and in the beekeeper’s house you will learn about the traditions of making bread and getting honey. In the distillery you will see the whole process of making home-made vodka, and try a freshly prepared alcoholic beverage. You will be proposed a snack - a sandwich made of black bread, honey and a salted cucumber!

In the workshops of woodworking, pottery, straw weaving and willow weaving, you will familiarize with the traditions of the production of products made of wood, clay, straw, and willow. For many years these materials were used by Belarusians to produce a large number of items that helped them in their daily life and work.

In the blacksmith shop you will have the opportunity to observe the work of blacksmith and even try yourself this difficult job.

There is a special offer for the most courageous guests - to take a private plane and see the whole complex and local beauties from a bird's eye view.

All guests will have the opportunity to taste local products:

  • home-distilled vodka, pickled cucumber, honey;
  • 3 types of cheese, butter, tea;
  • freshly baked bread, bacon.

We invite you!


4.5 hours (the length of the route is 110 km)


Private professional guide
Excursion service in Dudutki
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Entrance tickets to Dudutki (adults $ 10, students $ 7, children under 6 years free of charge)


At your hotel or any other location in Minsk


At your hotel or any other location in Minsk

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