Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park Tour


An unforgettable trip to Belovezhskaya Pushcha (Bialowieza Forest), will leave no one indifferent. This majestic primeval forest is the largest forest of Europe. Preserved since the 13th century, it impresses with its rich history and its inhabitants. On the territory of more than 150,000 hectares you will find amazing natural discoveries: the 600-year-old "Patriarch Oak", the 350-year-old "Giant Pine", 59 species of mammals and 253 species of birds, as well as the unique museum of nature and the fabulous Residence of the Father Frost, bicycle routes and many other things.

During the tour you will familiarize with the history of the Pushcha, learn about its division between the two states, about the royal palace, which unfortunately wasn’t kept to our days, the reasons for the appearance of the narrow-gauge railway in the territory of the forest, and how partisans lived there during the Great Patriotic War. And it was on the territory of Belovezhskaya Pushcha in the Viskuli Manor that the document on the creation of the CIS (Union of Independent States) and the termination of the existence of the Soviet Union was signed.

The Residence of the Father Frost is an integral part of the visit to the Belovezhskaya Pushcha. A magical immersion in the world of fantasy will be interesting both for adults and children. An exciting program awaits you: you will see the treasures and possession of the Father Frost, you will dance around the highest pine trees in Europe, will enjoy aromatic herbal tea, will see wooden figures of your favorite fairy-tale heroes, and will plunge into the miracle atmosphere.

The Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park awaits you all year round.

On the way you will have the opportunity to visit the Kamenets Tower, which became one of the symbols of Belarus. The tower is located in the city of Kamenets and is a unique monument of the XIII century. Many guests traditionally call this tower the "White Tower". It was built for defensive purposes by the Volyn Prince Vladimir. The height of the tower is 30 meters, and the thickness of its walls is 2.5 meters. Kamenets Tower is perfectly preserved, and today it houses a museum. The tower is presented in the UNESCO World Heritage Preliminary List.


about 13 hours (the length of the route is 720 km)


Private professional guide
Excursion service in Pushcha
Visiting Mir Castle and Kamenets Tower (optional) Transport services


Entrance tickets to the Grandfather Frost residence, nature museum, open-air cages ($11 adults, $9.5 children)


At your hotel or any other location in Minsk


At your hotel or any other location in Minsk

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