Grodno City Tour. Lida Castle


We invite you to visit the ancient city of Grodno, walk along its narrow paved streets and admire its valuable sights.

Grodno is a truly unique Belarusian city, founded in 1128. The city has preserved its historical buildings and today the center of Grodno, like the center of Minsk, is included in the first category of historical and cultural values of Belarus.

Grodno is very appreciated by travelers. Here you may see two castles: the old one, and the new one. Each of them has made an important contribution to the history of such states as the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, and the Soviet Union. The city is also famous for its Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches, such as the oldest church of Belarus - the Kolozha Church of St.Boris and St.Gleb built in the 12th century, and the monumental and elegant St. Francis Xavier Cathedral of the 17th century, which will amaze you with their architecture.

In Grodno, you may see the oldest working clocks in Europe, visit the first pharmacy in Eastern Europe, and admire ancient buildings of the city.

In the picturesque town of Lida there is a Gothic medieval castle, built in the distant 1323. The castle was built by charge of the Prince Gedemin for protection from Teutonic Order Knights. In Lida Castle you will learn about the royal wedding which was held within its walls, about the numerous sieges, about how the castle is used today, as well as many other interesting facts.


13 hours (the length of the route is 600 km)


Private professional guide
Excursion service in the Lida Castle and in Grodno
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Entrance tickets to the castle ($4.5 adults; $3.5 pupils and students; children under 7 years free of charge)


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