Sula Tour - Park-museum of Interactive History


We invite you to visit one of the most interesting places of Belarus - the interactive history park-museum "Sula". The complex is located in a picturesque place on the shore of the same name river. Just imagine: when you come here you can see the history of Belarus from its very beginnings (ancient settlements of the Neolithic era) to our days.

At an ancient man stopping place you will familiarize with the life of our ancestors who lived here 7000 years ago. You will find out what dwellings did they have, how they got and prepared food, and what clothes they wore. It will also be interesting to see the ancient megalithic structures, which were used for various rituals. It was a kind of an open-air temple.

On the Slavic cultures site you will learn what objects and gods our ancestors worshiped 3000 years ago. You will have the opportunity to touch the Thing Stone, to which people came to ask for help until the middle of the 20th century. There is also an ancient Slavic temple with a place for sacred fire in the center.

On the Varangian wharf you will familiarize with the habitation and life of these warriors, who, among other things, were the creators of the first settlements on Belarusian lands. In the houses of the Varangians an authentic picture of their daily life is recreated.

In the interactive history park-museum "Sula" you will have the opportunity to boat on a real Viking ship - Drakkar. At those distant times there was a well-known trade route "from the Varangians to the Greeks" passed through the territory of Belarus. Vikings could move from the Baltic to the Black Sea using similar ships.

The era of the Middle Ages of the complex is represented by a small castle built on the remains of an old brewery, as well as a smithy, recreated on the base of a water mill. Today a real blacksmith works in this smithy who will gladly tell you the secrets of this difficult craft.

In the royal assembly you can learn about the life of the nobility in Belarus. In the assembly there are handmade tapestries, portraits of princes and gentry, and paintings.

In Sula there is also a brewery, where the is a sole copper distillery in Belarus, made at the end of the 19th century. Here is produced an old alcoholic drink "Starka Zapolskaya" in accordance with the recipe of the 16th century!

The site for the museum in Sula was chosen because in the 19-20 centuries there was a residence of the wealthy noble family Lenski. Today the guests of the complex have the opportunity to visit the restored manor house of Lenski, where you may familiarize with the life of representatives of this noble family.

In addition you may visit the museum of hand weaving, the Jewish history museum, as well as familiarize with the life of a simple peasant family of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Also, all guests can take a horse drive light carriage.

The interactive history park-museum "Sula" cordially invites you!


about 5 hours (the length of the route is 120 km)


Private professional guide
Excursion service in the park-museum "Sula"
Drakkar Trip
Trap Riding
Transport services


Entrance tickets to the the park-museum "Sula" ($5 adults; $2.5 schoolchildren; children under 7 years free of charge)


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