Strochitsy (Ozertso) Tour - Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle


The Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle Museum is located at 6 kilometers from the Minsk encircling highway near villages Strochitsa and Ozertso. This is a unique open-air museum in the Republic. It is divided into three parts: Central Belarus, Poozerje and Podnnieprovje, showing the difference of ethnographic regions of Belarus. By visiting the museum, you will learn how the Belarusians lived a century ago, what they did, and how they educated their children. All exhibits are original, brought from different parts of the country.

Here you may see the recreated traditional life of the beginning of the 20th century, visit a granary, a cattleshed, a mill, a chapel, a school, a church, as well as enjoy the variety of rich Belarusian cuisine.

In the Intercession Church you can see a unique shrine - the Holy Sepulcher of the 19th century. All the icons in the church are original and were kept there since ancient times.

The museum has the last granary preserved in Belarus, built without a single nail. Such facilities served as an emergency reserve for the entire village in the event of a crop failure. Once a year, each family transferred one bag of grain to it and could rely on help in difficult times.

By visiting a school built in the pre-war period, you will learn about the peculiarities of the education system of the first half of the 20th century. Imagine that all children - both small and adults - were joined in the same class.

In addition to public buildings, a special interest should be paid to typical Belarusian huts of the past century, where you may familiarize with the way of life of ordinary Belarusians. Owners of such huts very often lived under the same roof together with their animals to protect them from fierce frosts. It is interesting that each region of the country had its own differences, and they will tell you about it during the excursion. So, for example, somewhere people have taken bath in a separate building, and somewhere they used an ordinary oven for this purpose!

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4 hours (the length of the route is 40 km)


Private professional guide
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Entrance tickets to the museum (adults 3$, students 2$, children under 6 years free of charge)


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