Food Tour in Minsk - Belarusian Cuisine


We invite you to the most interesting and exclusive gastronomic tour from the company Minsk Holidays. During the tour you will not only taste popular dishes of the Belarusian cuisine, but you will also take part in the selection of products in the old city market "Komarovka", participate in a cooking master class (optional), and will be familiarized with the life of a traditional Belarusian family.

The tour begins by visiting the Komarovsky market and buying all necessary ingredients for cooking. Where else can you buy the freshest and the most delicious foodstuff? Moreover, even according to the opinion of leading Michelin cooks, the success of the dish primarily depends on the quality of the original ingredients!

The market took its name from the former village Komarovka, in the territory of which it was built. Today Komarovsky market is one of the oldest and largest food markets of the country. More than 100 years ago there were trade stands, later there was built a wooden shed for vendors. Well, in 1980, a covered building with an area of 13,000 square meters opened its doors.

Where can we cook real Belarusian cuisine? In a restaurant, a cafe or in a homestead? Of course not! It will be best done in an authentic Belarusian hut, where a friendly hostess will reveal her culinary secrets passed on from one generation to another. Therefore, we will go to the suburb of Minsk, where a cozy Belarusian house will be waiting for us. In addition to the cooking process, you may familiarize with the life of a traditional Belarusian family, and see how ordinary Belarusians live.

Together with the hostess, we will prepare such popular Belarusian dishes as draniki and borsch. Also other delicious Belarusian food will be served.

A tasting of dishes cooked in our presence will be an apotheosis of our gastronomic tour. The hostess will invite you to enjoy a delicious dinner at a common table. In addition, you may try national Belarusian drinks, such as birch sap, kvass, and krambambulia.


about 4 hours (the length of the route is 30 km)


Private professional guide
Visiting the Komarovsky market
Visiting an authentic Belarusian house
Master class on cooking of Belarusian cuisine
Transport services


At your hotel or any other location in Minsk


At your hotel or any other location in Minsk

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