Traveling around the world everybody wants to try local cuisine. If there is no problem with the definition of the most popular Belarusian dish - draniki, then what can be offered as an alcoholic drink? Of course, the krambambulia! This drink was very common on the lands of modern Belarus since the 18th century, and now it is gaining popularity again.

Krambambulia is based on high-quality vodka, natural honey and a mixture of herbs. The drink is made in accordance with an old recipe and should be prepared during at least 2 weeks. After this period, you can start taste it, and enjoy the softness of this drink and its unforgettable aroma of spicy herbs.

By the way, it was because of the presence of spices in the recipe, krambambulia was too expensive for ordinary people, and until the 19th century was available only for wealthy people. Spices were valued as gold and furs, and even sometimes were served as a source of accumulation of wealth.

The history of the origin of the name "krambambulia" is also very interesting. Krambambuli was the name of German juniper liqueur, which was brought here from Germany in the 17-18 centuries. Step-y-step all liquors on the territory of modern Belarus began to be called by this name, and later a honey and spices liquor was called "krambambulia".

Nowadays it’s possible to try krambambulia in many national cuisine restaurants of Minsk, for example, in the restaurants "Kukhmistr", "Kamyanitsa", "Vasilki", "Svoyi". It is also in a menu of restaurants of Mir and Nesvizh castles. It should be noted that the taste of this drink will differ in each separate restaurant, as it’s produced directly there!

Do not miss the opportunity to taste the Belarusian national alcoholic drink - krambambulia!