The Republic of Belarus is located in the Eastern part of Europe on the territory of 207.6 thousand square kilometers. It borders on Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine. The total length of the state border is 3,617 km. The total population as of January 1st, 2017 is 9.505 thousand people.

The capital and the largest city of the state is Minsk with a population of 1.960 thousand people.

The state languages are Belarusian and Russian. In the UNESCO classification, the melody of the Belarusian language takes the second place, giving the first place only to Italian.

39% of the territory of Belarus is covered with forests, 43% is occupied by agricultural lands, 2% - lakes and rivers, 16% - other lands. The total length of 20.8 thousand rivers of Belarus is 90.6 thousand km. In Belarus there are more than 10 thousand lakes.

The climate of Belarus is moderately continental, formed under the influence of Atlantic air masses. Winter is mild with prolonged thaws, summer is moderately warm. Belarus has an average annual rainfall of 600-700 mm.

Local time is +3 hours from GMT (GMT + 3). Belarus does not observe Daylight Saving Time, and has no difference with the Moscow time.

The currency unit is the Belarusian ruble (Br or BYN). The most popular currencies are the US dollar, Euro, and Russian ruble. You can exchange currency at any exchange office or bank. A passport or other document is not required when you sell or buy foreign currency.

Telephone code is +375.